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Yemen opposes any direct US military intervention - Yahoo! News.htm
Yemen sharpens debate_ Are wars the answer to terrorism_ - Yahoo! News.htm
Yemen shows frictions with US over terror fight - Yahoo! News.htm
AP sources_ Bomber at CIA base was a double agent - Yahoo! News.htm
Clinton_ Yemen Instability Threatens World _ NPR.htm
Afghanistan struggles to keep girls' schools open - Yahoo! News.htm
Yemen kills rebels it says behind threat to U.S. embassy - Yahoo! News.htm
US suspect in Pakistan defends 'jihad' plans - Yahoo! News.htm
BBC News - In pictures_ Italian doctor in Kabul.mht
Afghan amputees and the Italian who helps them_husarska7.jpg
The 'coalition of the willing' becomes an army of one - Yahoo! News.htm
US official_ Extremists seek new ways to attack US - Yahoo! News.htm
US, UK close Yemen embassies over al-Qaida threats - Yahoo! News.htm
Killings Rock Afghan Strategy - - U.S. Official Warns Al Qaeda Working to Launch Attack on American Soil.htm
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Attempt to Kill Danish Cartoonist Who Outraged Muslim World Foiled - International News _ News of the World _ Middle East News _ Europe News -
Iraq_ U.S. Blackwater case dismissal _unacceptable_ - Yahoo! News.htm
Iraqis outraged as Blackwater case thrown out - Yahoo! News.htm
Afghan Opium Production Falling AHN.htm
Deadly day in Afghanistan sees reporter, four soldiers slain - The Globe and Mail.htm
Somali arrested at airport with chemicals, syringe - Yahoo! News.htm
Woman maimed by suitor fears more reprisals.jpg
Boko Haram, 'Nigeria's Taliban' How Big a Thre - Flash Player Installation.htm
Terror on Flight 253 Does it Fit al-Qaeda's Pattern - Yahoo! News.htm
Yemen investigates Nigerian's al-Qaida contacts - Yahoo! News.htm
Yemen Says U_S_ Never Gave Warning on Airline Bomb Suspect - International News News of the World Middle East News Europe News - FOXNews_com.htm
Woman maimed by suitor fears more reprisals - CNN_com.htm
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'Time is running out' in Afghanistan, intelligence officials say - Yahoo! News.htm
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is seen in this screen grab taken from an Islamist website December 28, 2009. A regional wing of al Qaeda.jpg
undated handout, distributed by IntelCenter on December 28, 2009, and accredited to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.jpg
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, is shown in this booking photograph released by the U.S. Marshals Service.jpg
setting alight an explosive device attached to his body. He was treated for burns and is in federal prison awaiting trial in the incident.jpg
Father of Detroit would-be plane bomber warned US - Yahoo! News.htm
After United 93, air travelers react to threats - Yahoo! News.htm
Pakistani police are pursuing terrorism charges against five detained American men.jpg
Jet passengers overpowered would-be bomber -- latimes_com.htm
US plane incident was 'attempted act of terrorism' - Yahoo! News.htm
Iraqi Christians Face Bombs, Attacks in Run-Up to Christmas - Iraq War Map - FOXNews_com.htm
Pakistan court orders men's ears, noses hacked off - CNN_com.htm
Bin Laden daughter hides in Saudi embassy in Iran - Yahoo! News.htm
Taliban blow up Pakistan girls school official - Yahoo! News.htm
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The war's smallest victims.url
NATO says no deadline for Afghan troop withdrawal - Yahoo! News.htm
As US withdrawal nears, Iraqi fear of Iran grows - Yahoo! News.htm
Senate approves $636 billion military spending bill - Yahoo! News.htm
General- U.S. Troops To Hit Taliban Hard In 2010.url
Under U_S_ Pressure, Pakistan Balks at Helping on Afghan Taliban - Yahoo! News.htm
U_S_ military drone security breach fixed official - Yahoo! News.htm
US fixed drones hacked by Iraqi insurgents Pentagon - Yahoo! News.htm
In Baghdad, Hemlines Rise As Violence Falls NPR.mht
Pelosi Obama's on his own to win funds for Afghan buildup - Yahoo! News.htm
Pentagon Insurgents intercepted drone spy videos - Yahoo! News.htm
Cheap software 'helps Iraqi militants track US drones' - Yahoo! News.htm
U_S_ Ponders How To Stop Homegrown Terrorism NPR.htm
Defying Stereotypes, Most Domestic 'Jihadists' Are Educated, Well-Off - Yahoo! News.htm
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Afghan surge troops won't target drug crops - Yahoo! News.htm
With Special Forces in Afghanistan « Liveshots.htm
Female vets face homelessness, dearth of services - Yahoo! News.htm
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Army Counseling Fights Soldier PTSD and Rising Suicides - Yahoo! News.htm
Kabul diplomatic district hit by blast.url
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Al Qaeda offers 'condolences' for innocent victims - CNN_com.htm
Back from combat, women struggle for acceptance - Yahoo! News.htm
Alleged American Jihadists Al Qaeda 'Crown Jewels' - ABC News.mht
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The President's Decision on Troops In Afghanistan Is Wrong_ Bring Them Home_ - Yahoo! News.htm
Nobel-winning Obama defends war in call for peace - Yahoo! News.htm
Killing bin Laden crucial to defeating al Qaida, McChrystal says - Yahoo! News.htm
McChrystal 5 Years Before Afghans Control Security NPR.htm
Gates warned over Afghan army problems - Yahoo! News.htm
Author Urges Broad Anti-Opium Afghan Strategy NPR.url
Hundreds March to Protest Islamic Militants in Somalia - International News News of the World Middle East News Europe News - FOXNews_com.htm
7_ Obama’s Military Appointments Have Corrupt Past Project Censored.mht
Safely Home, Marines Grieve For Their Fallen NPR.mht
On the Front Lines in Afghanistan.url
Obama's Afghanistan speech How it sounded to Afghans - Yahoo! News.htm
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US defends Afghan strategy, says pullout not fixed - Yahoo! News.htm
Analysis Focus on withdrawal could jeopardize Afghan mission McClatchy.htm
Attack shows growing danger faced by Pakistani journalists - Yahoo! News.htm
Few Marines in Afghanistan wake for Obama's speech - Yahoo! News.htm
Skeptical Dems resign themselves to Obama war plan - Yahoo! News.htm
BBC News - Hardtalk - Uday Hussein was 'worse than a psychopath'.htm
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Soviet commander U_S_ faces similar Afghan fate - CNN_com.htm
U.S. commander 'I have exceptional confidence right now' -
Taliban Afghan surge will mean more U_S_ fatalities Recordnet_com.htm
Report 'Bin Laden was within our grasp' - CNN_com.htm
Hezbollah blames U_S_ for all terrorism - CNN_com.htm
Anti-War Left Protests Obama's Afghanistan War Strategy - FOXNews_com.htm
U_S_ forces missed chance to get bin Laden in 2001 - Yahoo! News.mht
US soldiers Afghan war more challenging than Iraq - Yahoo! News.htm
Brown aims to set Afghan goals for troops' exit - Yahoo! News.htm
Will talk of Afghan 'off-ramps' prompt Taliban to hang tough - Yahoo! News.htm
UK diplomat US was 'hell bent' on Iraq invasion - Yahoo! News.htm
Liberals Vow to 'Spank' Obama for Sending More Troops to Afghanistan - FOXNews_com.htm
Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist - Iraq War Map - FOXNews_com.htm
U_S_ followed own timetable on Iraq war UK envoy - Yahoo! News.htm
Pakistan military moving to undercut Zardari over his close U_S_ ties - Yahoo! News.htm
Should we pay higher taxes to cover the cost of Afghan war - Yahoo! News.htm
U_S_ will be out of Afghanistan by 2017 White House - Yahoo! News.htm
U_S_ allies must send more troops to Afghanistan NATO - Yahoo! News.htm
War Surtax.url
Man Arrested in Philadelphia in Alleged Missile Smuggling Plot - Local News News Articles National News US News - FOXNews_com.htm
400-Pound Car Bomb Found In Belfast NPR.htm
Afghan road builder's dream thwarted by violence - Yahoo! News.htm
The real reason Iran can't be trusted csmonitor_com.htm
Marines Reflect On Duty, Death In Afghanistan NPR.htm
YOU DECIDE- Do You Buy Holder's Explanation-.url
Why China Won't Get Tough on Iran or North Korea - Yahoo! News.htm
Soldiers' mutiny raises concern in Israel - Yahoo! News.htm
Soldier mom refuses deployment to care for baby - Yahoo! News.mht
Number of Middle East Students In The U_S_ Rising AHN.htm
Taliban gain foothold in once-stable Afghan north - Yahoo! News.htm
Accustomed to danger, Iraqi journalists now face legal attacks - Yahoo! News.htm
Pacifying Afghanistan a dangerous dream - Yahoo! News.htm
Two Individuals Sentenced to Prison for Offering to Bribe U_S_ Army Contracting.htm
Goodwill Helps Veterans Find Careers After Combat.htm
Fort Hood Shooting Victims Who Were They - ABC News.url
BBC NEWS South Asia Pakistan's Taliban dilemma.htm
Hard Choices in Afghanistan What's Next NPR.url
Embattled UN rethinking Afghan-Pakistan role - Yahoo! News.htm
UN relocating about 600 staff after Afghan attack - Yahoo! News.htm
Afghan corruption tough to combat - Yahoo! News.htm
Europe reluctant to send troops to Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.htm
Obama warns Afghan president Time for new chapter - Yahoo! News.htm
Afghans divided amid political limbo - CNN_com.htm
Saudi Authorities Discover Al Qaeda Weapons Stockpile in Capital - International News News of the World Middle East News Europe News - FOXNews_com.htm
BBC NEWS South Asia Peshawar blast victim relives horror.htm
BBC NEWS South Asia Future of Afghan election unclear.htm
US ready to work with next Afghan leader Clinton - Yahoo! News.htm
Pakistan zeroes in on major Taliban bases - Yahoo! News.htm
Afghan challenger drops out of runoff election - Yahoo! News.htm
Clinton faces Pakistani anger at Predator attacks - Yahoo! News.htm
“Sleeper Agent” Stays In Prison For Now « Liveshots.mht
Calculating The Cost Of The War In Afghanistan NPR.htm
Clinton puzzled at Pakistan failure to find al Qaeda - Yahoo! News.htm
U_S_ defense bill would pay Taliban to switch sides - Yahoo! News.htm
Matthew Hoh new poster boy for critics of Afghanistan war - Yahoo! News.htm
Battle Against IEDs Spreads From Iraq To Afghanistan NPR.htm
Analysis US making plans for Iran nuke strategy - Yahoo! News.htm
Kerry General's war plan goes too far - Yahoo! News.htm
DEA agents among 14 Americans dead in Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.htm
Saudi journalist sentenced to 60 lashes - CNN_com.htm
U_N_ Afghan opium is top killer, finances Taliban violence - Yahoo! News.htm
World failing to dent heroin trade, U_N_ warns - CNN_com.htm
Iran Won't Halt Enrichment Even If It Gets Fuel - Iran Map News - FOXNews_com.htm
Truck bomb destroys key bridge in western Iraq - Yahoo! News.htm
Bill Moyers Journal _ trying to decide whether to escalate the war in Afghanistan October 16, 2009.htm
U_S_ lacks enough troops for 'low-risk' Afghan option - Yahoo! News.htm
Little-known Egyptian is key al-Qaida figure - Yahoo! News.htm
BBC NEWS South Asia Defying the Taliban to get an education.htm
Hunger to Learn- Swat valley girls.url
Feingold Need an Afghan 'Timetable' - Yahoo! News.htm
Former Halliburton Employee Jamie Leigh Jones Testifies Before Senate on Rape Case - ABC News.htm
Former Halliburton Employee Jamie Leigh Jones Testifies Before Senate on Rape Case - ABC News.url
Afghanistan Controversy Less Than Meets the Eye - Yahoo! News.htm
Fallen soldiers remembered as devoted fathers, heroes - CNN_com.mht
Afghan Taliban say they pose no threat to the West - Yahoo! News.htm
Preventing Suicides in the Military - ABC News.url
UN takes on sexual violence in war zones - Yahoo! News.htm
U_S_ commander offers options for Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.htm
Loss of soldiers justified.htm
Israel marches for peace.htm
General complains about US bureaucracy - Yahoo! News.htm
US sends 2 missile defense satellites into orbit - Yahoo! News.htm
NATO Head On Afghanistan 'We're Winning' NPR.htm
Afghans on troop surge debate It's the corruption, stupid_ - Yahoo! News.htm
U_S_ commander in Afghanistan submits request for more troops - Yahoo! News.htm
Video The U_S_ Army Wounded Warrior Program Turns Five.htm
Clinton rebuffs general's warning on Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.htm
Afghanistan could be lost within a year US commander - Yahoo! News.htm
Afghanistan Why Efforts to Disarm the Taliban Have Failed - Yahoo! News.htm
Israel fights 'perverse' UN report on Gaza - Yahoo! News.htm
Afghanistan is still worth fighting for - Yahoo! News.htm
Dim prospects in Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.htm
UN report says opium harvest could be financing the insurgency - Collegenews.htm
Report McChrystal says US needs new Afghanistan strategy - Yahoo! News.htm
US applies Colombia antidrug lessons to Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.htm
FBI director outraged by Lockerbie bomber release - Yahoo! News.htm
U_S_ Citizen Taliban Supporter Sentenced to Prison.htm
Opium takes over entire Afghan families, villages - Yahoo! News.htm
Afghanistan - Yahoo! News Photos.url
As a CIA spy, I saw in Iran what the West cannot ignore csmonitor_com.htm
Christian Family Burned to Death in Pakistan After Koran is 'Defiled' - International News News of the World Middle East News Europe News - FOXNews_com.htm
Does the U.S. Have an Exit Strategy in Afghanistan.txt
Does the U_S_ Have an Exit Strategy in Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.htm
Pakistani Public Turns Against Taliban, But Still Negative on U_S.txt
Afghanistan's Opium Cultivation Nose-Dives AHN.txt
US announces shift in Afghanistan drug policy.txt
Video-Burned Afghan girl heads home.url
US announces shift in Afghanistan drug policy - Yahoo! News.txt
Taliban commander shot dead in northwest Pakistan - Yahoo! News.htm
House, Senate Agree On $106 Billion War Funding Bill AHN.htm
Report Feud, falsehoods sparked US Afghan attack - Yahoo! News.txt
APNewsBreak Major problems found in Iraq spending - Yahoo! News.txt
FOXNews_com - Armed Militants Abduct 400 From Pakistani School - International News News of the World Middle East News Europe News.htm
Researchers To Test Portable E-Bomb Aimed To Lower War Casualties AHN May 24, 2009.txt
U_S_ Defense Official Plan Is To Destroy The Taliban Village By Village AHN May 24, 2009.txt
Slayings dashed dreams of rural Iraqi family - Yahoo! News.txt
US officials confirm Iranian missile launch - Yahoo! News.txt
Photos show Pakistan expanding nuclear sites institute.txt
Soldier charged in comrades' deaths showed stress.txt
Accused soldier's father says son 'broke'.txt
Nearly 2 Million Civilians Flee Pakistan War Zone AHN May 17, 2009.txt
US House approves $96_7 bln bill funding wars.txt
The hidden costs of war - Roger Simon - Politico_com.htm
The hidden costs of war - Roger Simon - Politico_com 2.htm
Teen trained to be suicide bomber feels tricked - CNN_com.htm
Taliban warn Obama Leave Afghanistan csmonitor_com.htm
Taliban seize police station in Pakistan's Swat Valley csmonitor_com.htm
Taliban battle Pakistan forces in valley, 60 killed International Reuters.htm
Taliban battle Pakistan forces in valley, 60 killed International Reuters 2.htm
Reports of sexual assault in military rise in 2008 - CNN_com.htm
Recordnet_com Police Counterfeit ring link to Iraq.htm
Recordnet_com Army reports alarming rise in suicides last month (1026 a_m_).htm
Pakistani Taliban turn honeymoon spot into slaughterhouse.htm
Pakistan's post-Musharraf ruling coalition splits - Yahoo! News.htm
Pakistan coalition splits, US maintains 'war on terror' continues - Yahoo! News.htm
Pakistan Authorities Try to Negotiate End to Mosque Standoff.htm
New fight rips at a fragile Lebanon csmonitor_com.htm
NATO can't be in Afghanistan forever Canada's PM - Yahoo! News.htm
Media's hand in the Iraq war csmonitor_com.htm
Iraqi leader insists on deadline for troop pullout - Yahoo! News.htm
Iraq, US agree no foreign troops after 2011 PM - Yahoo! News.htm
Iraq PM U_S_ agrees to withdraw troops by 2011 - Yahoo! News.htm
Iran trying to buy high-performance metals report International Reuters.htm
How will Iraq share the oil csmonitor_com.htm
How will Iraq share the oil 2.htm
Gunmen kidnap American U_N_ official in Pakistan Reuters.htm
Gates Anti-Iraq Plan Resolution Emboldens Enemy.htm
From Mumbai to Minneapolis, WHY it WILL happen here.htm
CIA briefing SEC monthly on terrorists Barron's - Yahoo! News.htm
cbs13_com - Israel Drawn Into Palestinian Infighting.htm
cbs13_com - DOD Blocks YouTube, MySpace And Other Websites.htm
cbs13_com - Bush Bin Laden Worked To Set Up Iraq Unit.htm
Bush 'We are at war with extremists' - Yahoo! News.htm
Bond manager Pimco hires Greenspan to serve as a special consultant.htm
BBC NEWS Middle East Iraq 'facing grim future'.htm
BBC NEWS Middle East 'Bin Laden' attacks Arab leaders.htm
Afghanistan Soviet failures echo for US csmonitor_com.htm
Afghanistan Soviet failures echo for US csmonitor_com 2.htm
Afghan women fear a retreat to dark days csmonitor_com.htm
ABC News Pakistan-Taliban Peace Deal Shocks and Worries West.htm
ABC News Pakistan-Taliban Peace Deal Shocks and Worries West 2.htm
250,000 War Protesters Stage Peaceful Rally In Washington; Militants Stir Clashes Later.htm
US military to abandon Iraqi cities - Yahoo! News.htm
Troops would face different kind of court in Iraq - Yahoo! News.htm
The Aimless War Why Are We in Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.htm
Taliban threatens wave of attacks against US surge.htm
Scenic Pakistani valley falls to Taliban militants - Yahoo! News.htm
Pentagon study US should pare Afghanistan goals - Yahoo! News.htm
Is the Taliban Stockpiling Opium And If So, Why - Yahoo! News.htm
Ideological clash of two jihadi titans shakes Al Qaeda - Yahoo! News.htm
Cheney US achieved much of what it wanted in Iraq.htm
Cheney says Obama policies are making US less safe.htm
Changing tactics, Taliban relying on precision marksmen - Yahoo! News.htm
Attacks on Afghan government buildings kill 19.htm
Attack at U.S. Embassy in Yemem.htm
AP IMPACT Secret tally has 87,215 Iraqis dead.htm
Anti-war lawmakers worry over plan for Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.htm
Afghanistan and NATO Why Europe May Not Be Up to the Fight.htm
Afghan teacher wants acid thrown on her attackers - Yahoo! News.htm
2 Afghans face death over translation of Quran - Yahoo! News.htm
2 1-2 tons of marijuana found in Afghan school - Yahoo! News.htm
10 Silver Stars for soldiers in Afghan cliff clash - Yahoo! News.htm
Accused soldier's father says son 'broke'.url
Official soldier shooting was at 'stress clinic'.txt
BBC NEWS South Asia 'War on terror does us no favours'.mht
FOXNews_com - Robots Take Center Stage in U_S_ War in Afghanistan - Local News News Articles National News US News.htm
Iraq War 6th Anniversary Inspires Documentary & Discussion in 5 Cities.htm
Federal Terrorist Watch List Exceeds 1 Million Entries AHN March 14, 2009.txt
Foreign troops can't defeat Afghanistan's insurgency- Harper.url
The War on Terror Author David J_ Williams Asserts Current U_S_ Strategy is Exactly What Our Enemies Want.htm Police Counterfeit ring link to Iraq.url
Kidnappers threaten American abducted in Pakistan.txt
Kidnappers threaten American abducted in Pakistan.url
Official Yemen releases 170 al-Qaida suspects - Yahoo! News.txt
U_S_ says new Afghanistan strategy needed by April U_S_ Reuters.txt
Taliban say behead Polish hostage in Pakistan International Reuters.txt
Saudi suspects seeking to revive al-Qaida - Yahoo! News.txt
Suicide Takes More Lives Than Al Qaeda Killing Among U_S_ Soldiers AHN February 6, 2009.txt
Cheney warns of new attacks - Yahoo! News.txt
Clinton Warns Iran to Comply With Mandates - washingtonpost_com.txt
Clinton talks with European allies on Iran, Afghanistan - CNN_com.txt
Report Army To Recall 16,000 Sets Of Body Armor AHN February 3, 2009.txt
Taliban violence spreads in Afghanistan- US report.url
Waste, fraud in Iraq being repeated in Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.txt
Analysis Saturday's elections a crucial test for Iraqi democracy - Yahoo! News.txt
Officials Army suicides at 3-decade high - Yahoo! News.txt
Help for Kids in the Military.htm
McClatchy Washington Bureau 01-27-2009 Israeli troops killed Gaza children carrying white flag, witnesses say.url
Ground Breaking Report Measures Cost of Conflict in the Middle East.htm
ABC News Anyone Want a Terror Suspect.url
Marine commandant wants his troops out of Iraq - Yahoo! News.txt
Freed by the U_S_, Saudi becomes a Qaeda chief - International Herald Tribune.txt
Taliban demands end to music on Pakistan buses - Yahoo! News.txt
Major troop decisions for Afghan war await Obama - Yahoo! News.txt
Unconstitutional Secrecy Provisions Hide Iraq War Costs and Public Safety Information From the Public.htm
Chicago Cousins Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Terrorists.htm
Cheney CIA did nothing illegal in interrogations - Yahoo! News.txt
Joplin IndependentDissecting the mindset to war Afghanistan.mht
Transcript of Director's Remarks at the Atlantic Council — Central Intelligence Agency.htm
YouTube - Afghan Massacre - Convoy of death - part 1 0f 6.url
Mumbai attacks Jews tortured before executed during hostage crisis - Telegraph.mht
In Iraq, Former Enemies on the US Payroll - Yahoo! News.txt
Rape's vast toll in Iraq war remains largely ignored - Yahoo! News.txt
Islamists' resurgence in Somalia deals setback to U.S. terror fight.url
ALARAB ONLINE Islam is not the Enemy.mht
debris of a home near Shah Wali Kot, Afghanistan on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008 after an airstrike hit, killing dozens of people killed.jpg
U_S_ Perpetuates Mass Killings In Iraq Project Censored.htm
globeandmail_com Native issues casualties of Afghan spending, chief says.mht
What is a war crime.txt
After Years of Fighting War on Terror, Author Tells Her Story - Yahoo! News.txt
US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,150.htm
U_S_ Troops To Give Control Of Iraq Province To Iraqi Forces AHN August 28, 2008.txt
The World At War Collector's Edition DVD set.url
KBR hearing centers on handling of rape kit Chron_com - Houston Chronicle.mht
love your enemies.txt
Field Manual 27-10.mht
Allegations of war crimes against U_S_ officials - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.mht
The specificity of torture as trauma the human wi___[Int J Psychoanal_ 2005] - PubMed Result.mht
War News.htm
400 Years of War Records Now Online LiveScience.mht
Twisting the Minds of the American People Brian Cloughley More War Crimes.mht
Crimes of the State Is Zarqawi Another Black-Op.htm
Introduction The Top Ten Dictators of All-Time.htm
A Plea for a Clear Plan in Iraq.mht
World War I Troop Statistics.mht
Ahmadinejad sees Israel's end soon.mht
Bizarre Incident Delayed the Sacramento Fund Raising Dinner of Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton.htm
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Y They Hate Us - GOOD Magazine Internet Porn.url
Night raid near Baqubah, Iraq.url
America- Sweet Freedom.url
Baghdad Firefight, March 2007.url
Falluja, Iraq - USA Troops Battle-Combat With Insurgents.mht
Falluja, Iraq - USA Troops Battle-Combat With Insurgents.url
Y They Hate Us - Hacking Google (live video-security feeds).url
Security operatives filming themself shooting at civilians..url
War Crimes Caught on Video.mht
US Imperialist War Crimes In Iraq.url
Iraqi Kids.url
soldiers making fun of iraqi kids.url
iraq children.url
islam palestina filistin war children.url
Peace is a hug away- Free Hugs in Jaffa, Israel.url
Palestine (Filistin) -1.url
Jewish Blood Libel - Islamic Television.url
Muslim Pepsi.url
CNNVid-Read Between the Lines - March to War With Iran.url
Shah of Iran.url
Iranian Program of Spielberg's Movies finds'em conspiratory.url
Iranian leader- We Are Stronger Than America and the West.url
Iranian Student Conference- World Without America.url
Iranian Ex MP- If U.S Attackes Iran We'll Attack Israel.url
Iranian Students Joining the Fighting in Lebanon and Israel.url
Iranian Children Show Brainwashes Kids for Death Admiration.url
Iranian President- We're Finding A Cure For AIDS.url
Iranian Atomic Slip of Tongue....url
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Nuclear Threats.url
Ahmadinejad interviewed on BBC Newsnight.url
Iranian scholar analyzes the causes behind Islamophobia.url
Iranian General describes destructiveness of Iranian rockets.url
Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to wipe Israel off the map..url
Iranian Official- No Place in Israel Will Be Safe.url
Iran's Ahmadinejad on Holocaust.url
Iranian Scholar- Tom & Jerry is a Jewish Conspiracy.url
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Death to Israel.url
Turning Muslim in Texas.url
Hezbollywood - CNN admits staging of photos by Hezbollah.url
Muslim Sesame Street IV- A is for Angels, S for Suicide.url
Iran TV Cartoon- Media as Bush Weapon.url
Iran Cartoon.url
Hugo Chavez - British Channel 4 Interview.url
Iranian Cartoon.url
Suicide Killers - Pierre Rehov.url
Australian in Palestine account of children suicide bombers.url
Teaching Hatred to Palestinian Children.url
Teaching Hatred via Music Videos in Palestine and Lebanon.url
Teaching Hatred of the US and West in Palestine and Lebanon.url
Iranian TV- Jews stone crucified early Christians.url
Palestinian Suicide Terrorists Farewell Videos.url
Teaching hatred of the US and Israel - Lebanon and Palestine.url
Palestinian Mothers Express Joy at Son's Death for Allah.url
Wife Beating I- Canadian Women fooled by Western Propaganda.url
Iran Cartoon Attacks Bush Afghan Policy.url
Great Arab Leaders I - The Palestinian Mufti and Hitler.url
Iran TV Cartoon- Bush Tomatoed in Latin America.url
Muslim Sesame Street V- Pepsi Cola, the Apes, Pigs and Jews.url
Wife Beating II - our islamic cultural heritage.url
Why women shouldn't be allowed to drive.url
Iranian TV opening of the Holocaust Cartoons Expo -aug 2006.url
White Women marry dogs and donkeys in Denmark.url
Muslim Sesame Street I do the Death to America thing.url
Muslim Sesame Street I- do the Death to America thing.url
Teaching Children to die for Allah in Palestine and Lebanon.url
Muslim Sesame Street V Pepsi Cola, the Apes, Pigs and Jews.url
Iranian TV Report Mocks Western Society and Women.mht
Iranian Former Leader Explains Why Say Death to America.mht
Iranian Former Leader Explains Why Say Death to America.url
Hezbollah Coming Soon To Your Hometown.mht
Hezbollah Coming Soon To Your Hometown.url
Hillary Says Condi Is A Liar.url
Bill Clinton Freaks Out.mht
Bill Clinton Freaks Out.url
Hillary on Oil Profits.url
Hillary Goes Nuts.url
Hillary Clinton Sings National Anthem.url
The Coolest 8 Year Old In The World Talks About O'Reilly.url
Dogs of War.url
Iraq War Soldiers in Fallujah.url
Young Women gets Stoned for Love.url
Peak Oil Economic Crisis.mht
saddam idam.url
Peak Oil Economic Crisis.url
Vote Different.url
9.11.2001 Please read full description for all info.url
MOSAIC World News from the Middle East 11-08-04.url
Every Jew Alive Today is a Miracle.url
American F-16 get down by Stinger of a Talib.url
Afghanistan -- Pashtun girl belly dance.url
May 20 2007 Kataeb Imam Ali in An Nasiriyah.url
Hydrogen Bomb Test at Enewetak Atoll from 1952.url
Never Forget.url
Asyab Ahul Haq - Dhi Qar IEDs Many IED's on Invaders..url
New Asaeb Ahulh Haq 2 Ied's attacks.url
New Asaeb Ahulh Haq Ied In Kirkuk.url
Holy Wars Which side is right.mht
Save our planet!.url
Holy Wars.url
Holy Wars.mht
Broadcast Yourself..url
Refugees leave Lebanon camp; U_N_ workers freed - CNN_com.mht
BBC NEWS Middle East US and Iran to hold talks on Iraq.mht
BBC NEWS Middle East War-torn Iraq 'facing collapse'.mht
BBC NEWS Americas Muslims 'well integrated' in US.mht
BBC NEWS World Middle East Alan Johnston petition.url
Arab media and concerns over Darfur.htm
The Daily Star - Opinion Articles - When murder should simply be called murder, not 'jihad'.htm
Al Jazeera English - Front Page.mht
The First Post Neighbours arm their proxies in Iraq's civil war.mht
Arab media internet network.url
Researcher Israel Responsible for at least 97.8 Percent of Serious Human Rights Abuses in Conflict.htm
Mideast Peace Now or Maybe Never.htm
Between Good and Evil.htm
Back to square one.htm
Playing US Politics with Iraqi Blood for Oil.htm
Bring Back the PLO Palestinians Must Redefine Struggle.htm
A Political Horizon Without Peace.htm
Arab Summit and the Carrot of Palestinian State.htm
War on Terror Oil Conspiracy.htm
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Blood on Our Hands.htm
To resist is to exist.htm
The Politics of Pragmatism.htm
A region heading towards collective suicide.htm
Freedom for Alan Johnston Freedom for Us All.htm
Pro-peace lobby is needed.htm
Violence Unlikely To End In Somalia.htm
For all its citizens.htm
Marketing political peace.htm
World Bank Sustainable Palestinian economic recovery impossible under West Bank restriction system.htm
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